Volunteer/Host Housing

Gran Prix of Gloucester | Volunteer Signup
  • Back for it’s 16th year of racing, the Gran Prix of Gloucester is right around the corner! Th3 2014 edition of this years race will be held on September 27 and 28. As usual, we can’t pull it off without volunteer help… and ask anyone who’s helped in the past — it’s a blast!

How to sign up:

Additional details:

  1. With this event drawing international recognition, we need to ensure that our volunteer help brings their A-game… so if you’re unsure of availability or think that you might need to skip out of a shift early, we thank you for your interest, but we’re only looking for volunteers who can dedicate their entire focus to the event during their time-slot(s).
  2. Please bring appropriate clothing. IE: if the forecast says ‘Rain’, the races will continue, so bring boots and an umbrella/poncho.
  3. All who volunteer will be supplied with an event T-Shirt (SIGN UP via the link above) as well as will be entered into the VOLUNTEER RAFFLE!
  4. The MORE SHIFTS you volunteer for, the more your chances of winning raffle prizes will INCREASE!
ECV member details:

  • ECV members are eligible for a refund of their entry fees if they meet all of the following criteria:
    1. Must volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per day (Racing Sat & Sun = 8 hours minimum), though as a club member we would encourage you to volunteer more than the minimum.
    2. Must race in a current ECV skinsuit or kit.
    3. Must list “ECV – Essex County Velo” as their club on BikeReg.com.
    4. Must be a current ECV member.

Gran Prix of Gloucester | Host Housing

As our most important event of the year approaches, we need your help with offering host housing for some of our Elite racers.
 Being a host contributes greatly to making Gloucester the top-level event that it is today.  It’s a key component to attracting some of the top level talent who, without host housing, simply could not afford to come and race Gloucester.
Hosting a racer or a few is a truly great way also to contribute to the ongoing development of these athletes and racing in general.  And provides you a peak in to the lives of folks, from all over the world, who are trying to make a career out of racing.
The basic requirement is a bed, access to kitchen & bath.  Some hosts have found it a wonderful experience and decide to make dinners, etc., but really bare minimum just a place to sleep, shower, and make some food if needed; anything more is up to you.
Here’s how it works:
1) Reply to me directly (dand@gpgloucester.com) with your willingness to host and some starting details/requirements:
     > How many nights could you host? (we get a wide range from bridging GPG to Providence, to just Sat night)
     > Do you have pets?
     > How many beds/folks could you host?
 2) I put you on my list
 3) Racer sends request to Paul or me directly
 4) I send you a note to check w/you, if looks ok, I then connect you via email
 5) You & racer(s) work out details & come back to me with any questions, issues, if not going to work-out, etc..
Hosts are entered in to the Volunteer Raffle for GPG. If you have ANY other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. dand@gpgloucester.com