History & Results

National Champion Tim Johnson Wins the 1999 Gloucester ECV Cyclocross Race

Tim Johnson repeats in 2000.

World Champion Erwin Vervecken of Belgium took the win in 2001.

Colorado’s Marc Gullickson beat out Todd and Mark McCormack for the men’s race in 2002.

Alison Dunlap won the women’s event in 2003 over Carmen D’Aluisio and Mary McConnelong.

Ryan Trebon outsprinted Geoff Kabush for the win on the second day of racing in 2004.

Tim Johnson dominates in the snow on the first day of the 2005 race.

Georgia Gould outsprinted Lyne Bessette to win on day two of the 2006 race.

Jesse Antony rocketing along the ocean in 2007.

Ryan Trebon wins both days in 2008.

The best racers in the US – Jon Page, Tim Johnson and Jeremy Powers – on the barriers in 2009

Jeremy Powers sprinting up the runup in 2010

Powers 2011

Jeremy Powers, 2nd on Day 1 and winner on Day 2, went on to become the 2011 US National Champion.