15 Years of Gloucester Cyclocross


News | August 28, 2013

15 years of GPG

15 years of GPG


Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee and cycling advocate Peter Webber, provided the following for use in a report I prepared for the Gloucester Planning & Development Committee:

*When considering any park activity, there are certainly impacts that happen, but the question is, are those impacts acceptable, and are they reasonable and appropriate in relation to the big picture of the specific park and the Park Department’s mission and management policies. One reason the park exists is for recreation. There is an impact of providing recreation. It is appropriate.*

Considerable time and effort was spent trying to convince the City of Gloucester that the above is true for Stage Fort Park with respect to the Gran Prix of Gloucester. Tonight, our efforts paid off and we’re happy to announce the 15th edition of the Gran Prix of Gloucester will take place on the weekend of 28 & 29 September 2013. Registration opens tomorrow (Wednesday 28 August 2013) at 1:00pm.

In early May, when the chances of our event taking place in Gloucester were close to zero, I started writing a letter. I had planned to send it  with the announcement of our cancelation to thank everyone who helped the Gran Prix of Gloucester along the way. So with a much happier ending than anticipated, I’d like to finish this note by thanking these individuals by name.

- Dan Tieger, Stu Thorne and Aaron Millett who helped pave the way for the inaugural event and helped in the crucial early editions of the race.
- Mark Cole and the Gloucester Parks Department
- Mayor Caroline Kirk,  Chief Administrative Officer Jim Duggan and Christine Pantano of the Mayor’s Office
- The Gloucester City Council
- The Gloucester Police and Fire departments
- Joey Ciaramitaro of Good Morning Gloucester
- Heidi Wakeman and the Gloucester Open Space Committee
- The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce
- The athletes who helped make this race a “must do” including Tim Johnson, Jesse Anthony, Jeremy Powers, Dale Knapp, Anne Grande Knapp, Gina Hall, Carmen D’Aluisio, Lyne Bessette, Erwin Vervecken, Marc Gullickson, Mark and Frank McCormack, Ryan Trebon and many others.
- All the racers who traveled to our event in the early 2000′s and transformed Gloucester into a national event
- Fellow North American Cyclocross Trophy (NACT) promoters Brook Watts, Terry Buchanan, Chris Grealish, Jim Brown, and Myles Romanow
- Bruce Fina & Joan Hanscom of the USGP who taught us so much about production and helped us take our event ever further
- Geoff Proctor, former USGP Technical Director, now US Representative in the UCI Cyclocross Commission
- Lyle Fulkerson and the SuperCup crew
- The Verge Series sponsors, promoters and staff
- Shimano New England Professional Cyclocross Series promoters, sponsors and staff
- Everyone at BikeReg.com: friendly staff, excellent product, unequaled customer service
- Steve and Sherri Curcuru our former City of Gloucester liaisons
- The internet brain trust of the NECX Ryan Kelly and Colin Reuter
- The dozens of families who provided host housing for our visitors
- Eric Marro who always challenged me on the race course and left a Belgian ale for me every year at the registration table
- Johnny Janzen the master carpenter who helped with our podium, scaffolding, the flyover and beach run
- Adam Sykes of International Cycling
- Professor Gary David and his colleagues at Bentley University for work on the GPG economic impact survey
- JD Bilodeau, Alan Atwoord and John Frey, the backbones of New England bike racing who brought years of experience with them to Gloucester
- Richard Fries and Chris Zigmont who did the majority of our race announcing
- Scott Bumpus of Seaside Cycle, the ultimate host who ran our hospitality tent for many years
- Ted Landers of Great Brewers/Seaboard Products, our Title Sponsor for several years
- All our other sponsors & vendors, Pedro’s, Mavic, Craft and many others, too numerous to mention here
- Diane Fortini and her amazing NEBRA staff
- USA Cycling staff and officials as well as the UCI Comms we’ve had the pleasure to work with
- the Christo of American Cyclocross, our course designer, Tom Stevens; as well as our previous designer Marc Bavineau of Centraal Cycle
- Adam Myerson my friend, confidant and sometime therapist
- Racers and fellow promoters from the New England Cyclocross scene and the rest of the US
- Everyone who wrote letters of support for GP Gloucester to the City
- The hundreds of amazing volunteers over the years
- Our Kids Race Directors and staff: Joe Anthony, Stu Dalzel, Geoff Hamilton, Jonathan Senning and David Beaulieu
- Everyone in Essex County Velo past & present, in particular Ben & Zach Johnson, Ron Smithers, Patrick Cochran, Jason Knauff, Megan Curry, Dan Donovan, and Shawn McCarthy. Especially the heavy lifters of ECV for the past several years, who’s help has been invaluable these past several years Michele Satrowski and Chris McKernan
- Finally, my wife & children who put up with daddy going to meetings at night and working strange hours for so long.

Hope to see you at Stage Fort Park for edition number fifteen!

Paul Boudreau
Race Director: Gran Prix of Gloucester


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